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%0 Journal Article
%J The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy
%V 11
%N 1, Art 34
%F Z 2088
%A Farré, Lidia
%A González, Libertad
%A Ortega, Francesc
%T Immigration, family responsibilities and the labor supply of skilled native women
%D 2011
%P 48 S.
%G en
%# A 1999; E 2008
%@ ISSN 1935-1682
%R 10.2202/1935-1682.2875
%X "We investigate the effect of immigration on the labor supply of skilled women, using data on Spain's large recent immigration wave. We adopt a spatial correlations approach and instrument for current immigration using ethnic networks. We find that female immigration increases the local availability of household services and reduces their price. It also increases the labor supply of skilled native women, by allowing them to return to work earlier after childbirth, and to continue working while caring for elderly dependents. Immigration can account for one third of the recent increase in the employment rate of college-educated women providing child or elderly care." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))
%K Einwanderung
%K Beschäftigungseffekte
%K Inländer
%K Frauen
%K Erwerbsverhalten
%K Erwerbsbeteiligung
%K private Dienstleistungen
%K Altenpflege
%K ausländische Frauen
%K private Haushalte
%K Mütter
%K berufliche Reintegration
%K Hochqualifizierte
%K Kinderbetreuung
%K Hausarbeit
%K Beruf und Familie
%K Spanien
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%0 Journal Article
%J International Journal of Social Welfare
%V 20
%N 3
%F Z 2073
%A López-Goni, José Javier
%A Fernández-Montalvo, Javier
%A Menéndez, Juan Carlos
%A Yudego, Fausto
%A García, Angel Rico
%A Esarte, Sonia
%T Employment integration after therapeutic community treatment : a case study from Spain
%D 2011
%P S. 292-297
%G en
%# A 2006; E 2007
%@ ISSN 1369-6866
%R 10.1111/j.1468-2397.2009.00687.x
%X "This article describes the employment evolution from pre- to post-treatment of 112 patients in two therapeutic communities of Proyecto Hombre (Spain). Moreover, an analysis was made using the composite scores of the EuropASI in order to evaluate the secondary outcomes in work status, beyond drug consumption. The results show that nearly half of the patients (46 per cent of the sample) changed their employment status after treatment. Specifically, 78.6 per cent of the men (N = 77) and 64.3 per cent of the women (N = 9) were working after treatment; there were no statistically significant differences between them. Although the unemployment figures after treatment remained high, the residents were satisfied with their work integration. No statistically significant differences were observed between those who completed the treatment and those who did not. Implications of these results for further research and clinical practice are discussed." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))
%K berufliche Integration
%K berufliche Reintegration
%K Therapie
%K Drogenabhängigkeit
%K Männer
%K Frauen
%K Erwerbsquote
%K Krankheitsbewältigung
%K Arbeitslosigkeit
%K Stellung im Beruf
%K Berufswechsel
%K Spanien
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%0 Edited Book
%F 90-201.0910
%1 Korea Labor Institute (Hrsg.)
%A Bae, Kiu-Sik
%T Labor issues in Korea 2010
%D 2011
%P 235 S.
%C Seoul
%G en
%# A 1988; E 2009
%@ ISBN 978-89-7356-861-1
%X "The Korea Labor Institute (KLI) conducted a number of studies in 2009 on the labor market and employment about such topics as workfare, the working poor, improving systems for determining working conditions within enterprises, and the economic value of parental child care. The KLI has decided to share the results of these studies both within and outside of Korea by producing an English version of the summaries of these studies. It is hoped that this book will help further understanding of readers both home and abroad of the recent changes in Korea's employment and welfare." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku)
Deok Soon Hwang: Evaluation and Policy Implications of Making Work Pay Schemes in Korea (1-36);
Byung-Hee Lee: Labor-Market Characteristics and Poverty Dynamics of the Working Poor in Korea (37-66);
Jeseong Park: Improving Systems for Determining Working Conditions within Enterprises (67-78);
Jayoung Yoon: The Economic Value of Parental Child Care (79-131);
Juyoung Kim: Women's Career Disconnect and Reentry into the Labor Market (132-152);
Hanam Phang: Retirement from the Main Lifetime Job and Reemployment (153-174);
SoonHie Kang: Impact of Corporate Career Development Program on Productivity - complementary Effect for Corporate Training (175-209);
Myung-Sook Jun: Promoting Regional Employment Policies (210-235). ((en))
%K Arbeitsmarktentwicklung
%K Beschäftigungsentwicklung
%K Arbeitsmarktpolitik
%K Workfare
%K Niedriglohn
%K Armut
%K Arbeitsbedingungen
%K Kinderbetreuung
%K ökonomische Faktoren
%K Frauenerwerbstätigkeit
%K Mütter
%K Berufsrückkehrerinnen
%K berufliche Reintegration
%K Berufsausstieg
%K Personalentwicklung
%K betriebliche Weiterbildung
%K Regionalpolitik
%K Arbeitsmarktsegmentation
%K atypische Beschäftigung
%K negative Einkommensteuer
%K Mindestlohn
%K Arbeitsbeziehungen
%K Gewerkschaftspolitik
%K ältere Arbeitnehmer
%K Südkorea
%Z Typ: 5. monographische Literatur
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