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   Journal= {European Sociological Review},
   Volume= {26},
   Number= {2},
   Author= {Richard Breen and Leire Salazar},
   Title= {Has increased women's educational attainment led to greater earnings inequality in the United Kingdom? : a multivariate decomposition analysis},
   Year= {2010},
   Pages= {143-157},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0266-7215},
   Abstract= {"It is widely believed that the growth in women's educational attainment and their increasing labour force participation, together with educational homogamy, will lead to greater inequality between households in their earnings. In this article, we use data from the United Kingdom to test that assertion. We use a new method of decomposing the change in household earnings inequality, and this allows us to identify effects associated with women's increasing educational attainment and consequential changes in their propensity to marry, in educational assortative mating and in labour-force participation. We find that changes in women's education and their behavioural consequences account for little if any of the growth in earnings inequality between households in the United Kingdom during the closing decades of the 20th century." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Frauen; Bildungsbeteiligung; Einkommen; soziale Ungleichheit; Lohnunterschied; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; Ehe; Haushaltseinkommen; Erwerbsbeteiligung; erwerbstätige Frauen; Großbritannien; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 1979; E 2000},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 863},
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   Journal= {Economics of Transition},
   Volume= {18},
   Number= {3},
   Author= {Jun Han and Junsen Zhang},
   Title= {Wages, participation and unemployment in the economic transition of urban China},
   Year= {2010},
   Pages= {513-538},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0967-0750},
   Abstract= {"Wages, participation and unemployment are major topics for researchers of the labour market. How have these measures evolved in the economic transition of urban China? Have they evolved in accordance with those in the Statistical Yearbook of China (produced by the National Bureau of Statistics, China) and previous studies? We find that the estimated wage level based on Urban Household Survey (UHS) data was higher than that in the Statistical Yearbook in earlier years, but the relationship has reversed since 1999. Our estimated participation rate is lower than that of Giles et al. (2006) but higher than Dong et al. (2007) and Maurer-Fazio et al. (2007). The analysis shows that the unemployment rate is lower than that estimated with the China Urban Labor Survey data in Giles et al. (2005). Our estimation results on unemployment rates turn out to be more similar to those in Dong et al. (2007) but are different from those in Hu and Sheng (2007). This analysis provides the first systematic comparison of the wage level from different sources, and supplements the existing estimates on participation and unemployment using a more representative dataset for urban China." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Lohnentwicklung; Erwerbsbeteiligung; Arbeitslosigkeit - Entwicklung; ländlicher Raum; Lohnunterschied; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; ; China; ; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 1988; E 2006;},
   Annote= {JEL-Klassifikation: J21; J31; J64; O53; P20},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 1234},
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   Institution={Harriet Taylor Mill-Institut f{\"u}r {\"O}konomie und Geschlechterforschung, Berlin (Hrsg.)},
   Author= {Elisabeth Botsch and Friederike Maier},
   Title= {Gender mainstreaming in employment policies in Germany},
   Year= {2009},
   Pages= {56},
   Address= {Berlin},
   Series= {Harriet Taylor Mill-Institut f{\"u}r {\"O}konomie und Geschlechterforschung. Discussion Papers},
   Number= {12/2009},
   ISBN= {ISSN 1865-9608},
   Annote= {URL:},
   Abstract= {"Gender mainstreaming as a principle of designing, implementing and evaluating policies according to their impact on men and women and their lives is one of the leading principles of EU policies. All national governments agreed on this principle but only a few countries really developed a gender mainstreaming approach. The paper is an attempt to describe the development of employment policies in Germany since mid 2000 and to analyze its gender impact - as far as possible. It shows that most elements of the far reaching reforms of labour market regulations which came into force since 2005 do have a negative impact on women's employment position, especially regarding the wages and employment conditions. The German government - although committed to the overall principle - did not hesitate to implement its policies although the negative impact could be foreseen. The paper covers the period till 2008, the recent developments since the beginning of the economic crisis are not included." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Gender Mainstreaming; Beschäftigungspolitik; Frauenpolitik; Gleichstellung; Gleichstellungspolitik; Gleichstellungsbeauftragte; Antidiskriminierungsgesetz; Gleichstellungsgesetz; Gleichstellungsstelle; Lohnunterschied; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; Berufsverlauf; Kinderbetreuung; Ruhestand; Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Arbeitsbedingungen; Lohnhöhe; Bundesrepublik Deutschland; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 2000; E 2008},
   Annote= {Sprache: de},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k100305r12},

   Institution={Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, Bonn (Hrsg.)},
   Author= {Matteo Picchio and Chiara Mussida},
   Title= {Gender wage gap : a semi-parametric approach with sample selection correction},
   Year= {2010},
   Pages= {34},
   Address= {Bonn},
   Series= {IZA discussion paper},
   Number= {4783},
   Annote= {URL:},
   Abstract= {"Sizeable gender differences in employment rates are observed in many countries. Sample selection into the workforce might therefore be a relevant issue when estimating gender wage gaps. This paper proposes a new semi-parametric estimator of densities in the presence of covariates which incorporates sample selection. We describe a simulation algorithm to implement counterfactual comparisons of densities. The proposed methodology is used to investigate the gender wage gap in Italy. It is found that when sample selection is taken into account gender wage gap widens, especially at the bottom of the wage distribution. Explanations are offered for this empirical finding." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Lohnunterschied; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; Stichprobe; Stichprobenfehler; Stichprobenverfahren; Algorithmus; Niedriglohn; Frauen; erwerbstätige Frauen; Italien; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 2004; E 2005},
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   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k100305r22},


   Institution={Hamburgisches Welt-Wirtschafts-Institut (Hrsg.)},
   Author= {Christina Boll},
   Title= {Mind the gap! The amount of German mothers' care bill and its game theoretical issues},
   Year= {2010},
   Pages= {24},
   Address= {Hamburg},
   Series= {HWWI research. Paper},
   Number= {01-29},
   ISBN= {ISSN 1861-504X},
   Annote= {URL:},
   Abstract= {"This paper aims to quantify West German mothers' foregone earnings that stem from intermittent labor market participation due to first birth. As Random Effects regression results with German Socio-Economic Panel Data (West) indicate, at the closure time of their fecundity window mothers realize gross hourly wage cuts up to 25 %, compared to equally educated career women, whereas the total of annualized losses amounts to as far as 201,000 Euro. In the context of a dynamic bargaining model of household decisions, the care bill is suspected of delaying first birth or even preventing women from motherhood if divorce seems sufficiently probable." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Lohnunterschied; Mütter; Kinderbetreuung; Spieltheorie; Erwerbsunterbrechung; Erwerbsphasen; Fruchtbarkeit; erwerbstätige Frauen; Kinderlosigkeit; generatives Verhalten; Bundesrepublik Deutschland; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 1984; E 2005},
   Annote= {JEL-Klassifikation: C33; J13; J31},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
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   Institution={European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Hrsg.)},
   Author= {Anna Maria Ponzellini and Christine Aumayr and Felix Wolf},
   Title= {Addressing the gender pay gap : government and social partner actions},
   Year= {2010},
   Pages= {43},
   Address= {Dublin},
   Annote= {URL:},
   Abstract= {"Wage differentials between men and women across Europe are a major policy concern for the European Commission and the social partners. This report provides an overview of national studies on the gender pay gap, and examines the policies and actions of governments and social actors to combat pay discrimination. The report first reviews quantitative and qualitative studies on the unadjusted and adjusted pay gap and examines the many factors cited to explain the wage differentials. Then it explores specific actions carried out by governments to reduce the gender pay gap, such as legislative measures, general recommendations, monitoring procedures and suppport for low-paid occupations. It also looks at joint initiatives and collective bargaining undertaken by the social partners, as well as highlighting successful good practice examples." (author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Lohnunterschied; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; Gleichstellungspolitik; Tarifpartner; Tarifpolitik; best practice; Kinderbetreuung; Beruf und Familie; Lohnpolitik; Staat; erwerbstätige Frauen; Diskriminierung; Europäische Union; },
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k100330r05},

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