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%0 Journal Article
%J The Journal of Industrial Relations
%V 55
%N 1
%F X 539
%A Nowak, Margaret J.
%A Naude, Marita
%A Thomas, Gail
%T Returning to work after maternity leave : childcare and workplace flexibility
%D 2013
%P S. 118-135
%G en
%# A 2010; E 2010
%@ ISSN 0022-1856
%R 10.1177/0022185612465530
%X "This article explores how responsibilities for childcare are managed as part of family decisions made around the return to work following a period of maternity leave. We surveyed all women health professionals identified as on maternity leave on payroll records of the Health Department, Western Australia, and one private sector national provider of hospital services. Survey questions were designed following a review of the literature and prior empirical work. The design enabled us to collect both quantitative information and interpretive qualitative responses from participants. Over 50% of respondents expected to have childcare provided wholly by family members, while 15% anticipated the use of formal arrangements alone. The planned arrangements for care can best be understood within a framework of a 'family budget' of time to be allocated between market-based work and childcare. Attitudes to childcare are central to this 'time economies' framework. Respondents experienced dissonance between the stated organizational family-friendly policy of their workplaces and practices at the management level. Employer-centred flexibility often disrupted their child-care arrangements. We identify important employment policy issues for workplaces that would facilitate the optimal return to the workforce by professional women following maternity leave." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))
%K berufliche Reintegration - Determinanten
%K Erziehungsurlaub
%K Mütter
%K Frauenerwerbstätigkeit
%K erwerbstätige Frauen
%K Gesundheitsberufe
%K Kinderbetreuung
%K soziale Unterstützung
%K Beruf und Familie
%K berufliche Reintegration
%K Entscheidungskriterium
%K Berufsrückkehrerinnen
%K Australien
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%0 Journal Article
%J Empirical Economics
%V 44
%N 1
%F Z 786
%A Zabel, Jeffrey
%A Schwartz, Saul
%A Donald, Stephen
%T An analysis of the impact of the self-sufficiency project on wages
%D 2013
%P S. 231-259
%G en
%# A 1992; E 1999
%@ ISSN 0377-7332
%R 10.1007/s00181-010-0387-2
%X "We measure the impact of the Self-Sufficiency Project (a randomized welfare-to-work experiment in Canada; henceforth, SSP) on relative wage progression. SSP provided a generous 3-year earnings supplement to treatment group members who found a full-time job within a year of the start of the experiment (take-up group). We estimate the treatment on the treated for two sub-groups of the take-up group: the incentivized and non-incentivized groups. Using an econometric model of wage determination, we find evidence of large and significant relative wage progression of approximately 9 percentage points during the 3-year supplement period for the incentivized group. The impact for the non-incentivized group is much smaller (at most 3 percentage points). There is also some limited information that the non-incentivized group in New Brunswick and the incentivized groups in both New Brunswick and British Columbia continued to work more after the 3-year supplement period ended." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))
%K aktivierende Sozialpolitik - Erfolgskontrolle
%K Einkommenseffekte
%K Teilnehmer
%K Lohnsubvention
%K Arbeitsanreiz
%K berufliche Reintegration
%K Sozialhilfeempfänger
%K Langzeitarbeitslose
%K Vollzeitarbeit
%K Beschäftigungseffekte
%K allein Erziehende
%K Mütter
%K Kanada
%K I38
%K I31
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