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   Journal= {The Scandinavian Journal of Economics},
   Number= {online first},
   Author= {Jens Hainmueller and Barbara Hofmann and Gerhard Krug and Katja Wolf},
   Title= {Do lower caseloads improve the effectiveness of active labor market policies? : new evidence from German employment offices},
   Year= {2016},
   Pages= {getr. Sz.},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0347-0520},
   Abstract= {"The caseworker-to-clients ratio is an important, but understudied, policy parameter that affects both the quality and cost of public employment services that help job seekers find employment. We exploit a large-scale pilot by Germany's employment agency that hired 490 additional caseworkers in 14 of its 779 offices. We find that lowering caseloads caused a decrease in the rate and duration of local unemployment as well as a higher re-employment rate. Disentangling the mechanisms that contributed to this improvement, we find that offices with lowered caseloads increased monitoring and imposed more sanctions but also intensified search efforts and registered additional vacancies." (Author's abstract, Published by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Case Management; aktivierende Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Arbeitsvermittler; Arbeitsvermittlerquote; Arbeitslosigkeitsdauer; berufliche Reintegration; Beschäftigungseffekte; Arbeitsvermittlung; Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse; zusätzliche Arbeitsplätze; Bundesrepublik Deutschland; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 2006; E 2007},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 440},
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   Journal= {Gender, Work and Organization},
   Volume= {23},
   Number= {2},
   Author= {Linda McDowell and Esther Rootham and Abby Hardgrove},
   Title= {The production of difference and maintenance of inequality : the place of young goan men in a post-crisis uk labour market},
   Year= {2016},
   Pages= {108-124},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0968-6673},
   Abstract= {"This article examines the ways in which young migrant men are constructed as potential employees in a British town where service sector employment, often on a casual or precarious basis, dominates the bottom end of the labour market. Low-wage jobs in many British towns are now constructed as feminized, low waged and demanding personal skills of empathy and servility. In this context, young men, and especially young men of colour, including recent in-migrants, are at a disadvantage, constructed by employers, agencies, co-workers and customers as less eligible workers than 'locals'. We use the experiences of young men from Goa as a lens though which to trace the ways in which expectations and experiences when looking for employment produce a hierarchical division of labour in precarious jobs at the bottom end of the service sector." (Author's abstract, Published by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: ausländische Arbeitnehmer; ausländische Männer; junge Erwachsene; berufliche Integration; Herkunftsland; prekäre Beschäftigung; soziale Ungleichheit; Dienstleistungsbereich; Farbige; Stereotyp; Vorurteil; Arbeitsvermittler; Asiate; Einwanderer; nationale Identität; soziale Identität; Großbritannien; Indien; Swindon; },
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