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   Journal= {Ageing and Society},
   Volume= {38},
   Number= {6},
   Author= {Eleanor M. M. Davies and Beatrice J. M. Van der Heijden and John Stephenson},
   Title= {Are managers open to involvement in employee retirement? : the influence of manager psycho-social characteristics, decision-making environment and older employee situational factors},
   Year= {2018},
   Pages= {1279-1301},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0144-686X},
   Abstract= {"The changing retirement landscape calls on employers to develop practices that respond to individuals' retirement needs. Line managers are a key stakeholder in managing retirement and this study focuses on how they respond to employee retirement scenarios. This empirical work examines manager openness to involvement in retirement, focusing on three sets of explanatory variables: manager psycho-social characteristics (experience of managing older workers, intention to work past 65), their decision-making environment (influence, discretion and decision-making support) and older employee situational factors (performance, ease of replacement, retirement affect and attitude to work). Data were collected from 129 managers in the United Kingdom's university sector using survey items and a factorial vignette design. The multi-level analysis found support for each category of variables in predicting manager openness to involvement in employee retirement. Managers with more experience of managing older workers were more likely to be open to involvement although managers' own retirement intentions were not significant as a predictor. Decision-making environment variables were significant predictors of manager openness to involvement. The only older employee situational factor that was associated with manager openness to involvement was employee performance. Practically, organisations need to recognise the potential influence that managers have on employee retirement decisions and this study's findings show that managers may need training to help them understand their own role in supporting older employee retirement." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: ältere Arbeitnehmer; Berufsausstieg; Personalpolitik; human resource management; Führungskräfte; psychosoziale Faktoren; soziale Einstellungen; Entscheidungsfindung; Handlungsspielraum; Arbeitsleistung; Arbeitsmotivation; Universität; Vorgesetzte; Berufswegplanung; Großbritannien; },
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: X 482},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k180530v04},


   Journal= {European Journal of Comparative Economics},
   Volume= {14},
   Number= {2},
   Author= {Laetitia Challe},
   Title= {Ageism and the business cycle : an exploratory approach},
   Year= {2017},
   Pages= {221-264},
   ISBN= {ISSN 1824-2979},
   Abstract= {"Addressing discrimination within the professional sphere is becoming ever more important in French public debate in both the legal and managerial fields. A number of the 18 grounds of discrimination recognised under French law such as gender and ethnicity have been widely discussed in the scientific literature. However, unlike studies undertaken in English-speaking countries, few French-speaking researchers have explored age discrimination. This issue warrants analysis insofar as the actual economic context has forced governments to encourage more people to remain in the labour market. This objective, however, has proven difficult to achieve. A critical question is whether age-related labour market participation gaps depend on individual characteristics. If not, other factors might come into play, including possible discrimination. First, we review the employment of older workers over time. We then use econometric methods to assess the nature of labour market participation gaps and analyse their relationship with business cycles. With regard to the latter point, our findings reveal differences between men and women." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: ältere Arbeitnehmer; Diskriminierung; altersspezifische Faktoren; Konjunkturabhängigkeit; Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Erwerbsbeteiligung; Erwerbsquote; Beschäftigungsentwicklung; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; Stereotyp; Frankreich; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 1982; E 2011},
   Annote= {JEL-Klassifikation: C35; J14; J18; J71},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: X 728},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k180518v04},

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