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   Journal= {Work and Occupations},
   Volume= {41},
   Number= {1},
   Author= {Julie A. Kmec and Lindsey Trimble O’Connor and Scott Schieman},
   Title= {Not ideal : the association between working anything but full time and perceived unfair treatment},
   Year= {2014},
   Pages= {63-85},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0730-8884},
   Abstract= {"Ideal-worker norms permeate workplaces, guiding employers' evaluation of workers and perceptions of workers' worth. The authors investigate how an ideal-worker norm violation -- working anything but full time -- affects workers' perception of unfair treatment. The authors assess gender and parental status differences in the relationship. Analyses using Midlife Development in the United States II data reveal that women who violate the norm when they have children perceive greater unfair treatment than women who violate the norm but do not have children in the study period. Men who work anything but full time do not perceive unfair treatment. The authors' findings inform efforts to challenge ideal-worker norms." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: atypische Beschäftigung; Beschäftigerverhalten; Arbeitsbeziehungen; berufliche Reintegration; Teilzeitarbeitnehmer; Eltern; erwerbstätige Frauen; erwerbstätige Männer; Vorgesetzte; soziale Beziehungen; Diskriminierung; Arbeitsbelastung; psychische Faktoren; soziale Ausgrenzung; Wahrnehmung; USA; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 2004; E 2006},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 1346},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k140318v12},

   Journal= {Journal of Social Policy},
   Volume= {43},
   Number= {2},
   Author= {Pia S. Schober},
   Title= {Parental leave and domestic work of mothers and fathers : a longitudinal study of two reforms in West Germany},
   Year= {2014},
   Pages= {351-372},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0047-2794},
   Abstract= {"Following two parental leave reforms in West Germany, this research explores how child care and housework time changed among couples who have just had a child. The reform in 1992 extended the low paid or unpaid parental leave period, whereas the 2007 reform introduced income-dependent compensation and two 'daddy months'. This study contributes to the literature by examining different mechanisms on how these reforms were associated with domestic work time in couples. Based on data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (1990 - 2010), the analysis applies ordinary least square (OLS) regressions and difference-in-difference estimations. The findings point to a significant reduction in paternal child care time eighteen to thirty months after childbirth among couples with children born after the 1992 reform. The 2007 reform was associated with increased child care time of fathers in the first year and eighteen to thirty months after the birth. Changes in maternal child care and both partners' housework were not statistically significant. Alterations inmaternal and paternal labour market participation, wages and leave taking accounted formost of the observed variations in paternal child care except for eighteen to thirteen months after the 2007 reform. This unexplained variance may point to a normative policy effect." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Elternzeit; Hausarbeit; Arbeitsteilung; Mütter; Väter; Reformpolitik - Auswirkungen; Kindererziehung; Sozialleistungen; Beruf und Familie; soziales Verhalten; Geschlechterrolle; Familienpolitik; berufliche Reintegration; Erziehungsurlaub; Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Westdeutschland; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 1990; E 2010},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 1971},
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