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   Journal= {Work, employment & society},
   Volume= {26},
   Number= {5},
   Author= {Jonas Radl},
   Title= {Too old to work, or too young to retire? : the pervasiveness of age norms in Western Europe},
   Year= {2012},
   Pages= {755-771},
   ISBN= {ISSN 0950-0170},
   Abstract= {"The ageism debate has pointed to the persistence of negative age stereotypes that hinder the prolongation of working lives. However, the actual holders of discriminatory norms have remained largely anonymous because there is limited understanding of the pervasiveness of age norms. This article discusses arguments derived from life course and social norms theory regarding the degree of internalization of age-related norms. The focus is on individual differences in terms of social class and gender. Using 2006 data from the European Social Survey, the article gathers empirical evidence on attitudes towards the timing of retirement in 14 Western European societies. A set of tobit models examines the determinants of retirement age norms for men and women. The results suggest that social class has a strong impact on retirement age norms. Moreover, the analysis reveals a complex pattern of gendered norms concerning the timing of retirement." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Berufsausstieg; soziale Normen - internationaler Vergleich; altersspezifische Faktoren; Altersrolle; Rollenverständnis; Stereotyp; ältere Arbeitnehmer; Vorurteil; Lebensarbeitszeit; soziale Faktoren; soziale Klasse; geschlechtsspezifische Faktoren; soziale Einstellungen; Ruhestand; Männer; Frauen; Diskriminierung; Rentenalter; Präferenz; Österreich; Belgien; Dänemark; Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Großbritannien; Finnland; Frankreich; Irland; Niederlande; Norwegen; Portugal; Spanien; Schweden; Schweiz; },
   Annote= {Bezugszeitraum: A 2006; E 2007},
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: Z 917},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k121113808},


   Annote= {Sign.: 96-16.0135;},
   Editor= {Jeanne Katz and Sheila Peace and Sue Spurr},
   Title= {Adult lives : a life course perspective},
   Year= {2012},
   Pages= {479},
   Address= {Bristol},
   Publisher= {Policy Press},
   ISBN= {ISBN 978-1-44730-043-4},
   Abstract= {"With the proportion of people between young adulthood and the third age growing in relation to children and young people in western industrialised societies, there is an increasing need for a comprehensive look at the past, present and future of adult lives. These adult lives are defined by the experience of history, are structurally specific, and draw upon different interpersonal, lifestyle and cultural resources and it is important to recognise the impact of the past and the present on future adult lives. 'Adult Lives', co-published by The Policy Press and the Open University, is a diverse collection of readings, rich in resources, from all stages of life. These readings contribute to a shared life course perspective to understand how those living and working together in an ageing society relate to each other. The originality and appeal of this Reader lies in its holistic approach to understanding ageing in adulthood through biography and auto-biography that is applicable to all, including those developing policy and in practice, and will make essential reading for those who wishing to contextualise ageing, understand how lives can be transformed through policy and practice, and consider the lived experience" (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))},
   Annote= {Schlagwörter: Lebenslauf; Altern; Biografieforschung; Erwachsene; Lebensqualität; chronische Krankheit; Behinderung; Gesundheitszustand; Sterblichkeit; altersspezifische Faktoren; soziale Beziehungen; soziale Unterstützung; soziale Umwelt; alte Menschen; ältere Menschen; Wohnsituation; Strafentlassene; Straffällige; Einwanderer; Ausländer; Altenpflege; soziale Ausgrenzung; Menschenrechte; Diskriminierung; Globalisierung; Sozialpolitik; soziale Dienste; öffentliche Dienstleistungen; psychische Störung; geistige Behinderung; Ethik; sozialer Wandel; Drogenabhängigkeit; qualitative Methode; empirische Sozialforschung; Erwartung; Alter; Fremdbild; Großbritannien; Kuba; },
   Annote= {Sprache: en},
   Annote= {IAB-Sign.: 96-16.0135},
   Annote= {Quelle: IAB, SB Dokumentation und Bibliothek, LitDokAB, k121105j01},

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